Review: BareMinerals for Oily skin

Hey everyone! So I guess it was about a month ago, I tried out BareMinerals foundation, primer, and loose powder. I have super oily skin and acne prone skin also. So the dermatologist recommended this to me!

My thoughts were, “Oh wow, this is going to be great!” And yeah, I went through that phase where you won’t admit it’s making you have more oily skin than you do! I was in denial for a few days, hopeful! But it got worse. My oils got caked on and caked on, I was literally using two blotting papers at a time.

I finally came to my senses and realized that it’s not for oily skin. Sometimes even though a product says its “matte” or “oil free” don’t let that fool you. I returned it all. I kept the eyeshadow pallet, mascara, and lipstick I bought though.

The lipsticks there are AMAZING. I have nothing bad to say about them! They are great for dry lips and cracked lips. It actually helps them! I like it for that reason (my lips are very dry) and if you get the right colors it can be a very natural look for a daily look! I use it almost daily!

Their eyeshadow is great, loose or pressed! I have both, and I love them both. I like the fact you can make the loose shadow into liner. It’s great that it is a two way kind of product. I like the pressed for both a natural look every day or my smokey eyes I like to do on the other days. It works perfect. And the mascara, you can’t go wrong!

The negatives: complexion rescue, foundation, bronzer, blush, illuminator, and the powder. These are all negatives of you are very oily like me. Go for a more matte product like Estée Lauder!

The positives: eye shadows, lipsticks, and the mascara. You can’t go wrong with these products! 🙂


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