Car shopping!

New Car!
New Car!

My fiancé and I decided it was time to go car shopping! He had an older Ford Ranger that we wanted to trade in, and so we decided that we would start looking for a new car (well used, but new to us!) So, on Sunday we had decided we were getting a Jeep.

The price monthly, just wasn’t there for me. I wasn’t happy at all with it, I wanted to keep looking. As first time car buyers, I figured we should try to have small payments as possible… having to add insurance on it and LIFE ITSELF🙊!  So my second choice had been this cute and sophisticated little Ford Fusion 2013! It only had 23,000 miles on it too! One owner (besides the dealership.)

This ended up being the one for us, my fiancé loved it more than the Jeep! And I was so happy because I already have a truck! We needed a small reliable car. And it has all this fun stuff, not to mention, I have been messing with it since! We have driven it everywhere, arguing who is gonna drive OUR car😉

So after buying this cute little thing, I can say I recommend Ford Fusions to anyone who wants a smaller reliable car, especially first time buyers!


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