Welcome to New York/New Romantics
Welcome to New York/New Romantics
VIP party sign, "Shake it off" lyrics
VIP party sign, “Shake it off” lyrics
Love Story, right above us!
Love Story, right above us!

On August 25, I saw Taylor Swift in concert on her 1989 World Tour. I bought my tickets in November, after waiting hours on the computer to get the tickets I had saved up to get FOR MONTHS! I ended up in Row 21 on Floor 1 with seats 6/7. Right. By. The. Catwalk. I couldn’t believe she was right next to us!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself! I had saved up for VIP TICKETS. SOO, with the VIP tickets, we got to go to the “Pre show party.” When they were leading us to the pre show, they let us get merchandise before anyone else. I bought my 1989 World Tour t-shirt and Sweatshirt. While at the merchandise counter (which was right outside the arena) we heard Tay sound checking, not one of her songs though😋 It was with her “Special Guest”, but she didn’t give away enough to tell who it was. I was so excited then!

At the pre show party, I was in awe! You got free food and drinks and there were tons of places to sit. The food ranged from pizza, Chinese food, all sorts of macaroons you could find, and then more! It smelled so good! The only thing was, I was too nervous to eat!

I had won meet and greets to HAIM (one of Taylor’s opening acts) a few days before. They are one of my favorite bands! We had to meet them an hour into the Pre Show party. Therefore, I was too nervous to try any food!!

Once it turned into 6:00, we had to go to the “designated location” to meet HAIM. Meeting HAIM, was AMAZING. They are so sweet and welcoming! We you autographed VIP lanyards and a fun Polaroid! They took lots of pictures!

HAIM meet and greet!
HAIM meet and greet!

After meeting HAIM, we went and found our seats and they were more amazing than we thought they would be! I only sat down once the whole show! Let me tell you, I didn’t feel my pain in my feet until the hotel after the show! And then, I couldn’t walk!

The show was amazing! It was my first Taylor Swift show and it’s a night I will never forget. The special guests were Beck, St. Vincent, and last but not least John Legend! I can’t pinpoint a favorite moment on that night, that was too amazing to say one moment was better than the rest!

Out of the Woods!
Out of the Woods!



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