My highlights of 2015

Sorry but these aren’t in chronological order… just as I thought of them

•Seeing Meghan Trainor in concert

•Meeting Meghan Trainor with my fiancé

•Seeing Sheppard in concert

•Going to the Grammy museum Taylor Swift experience x2

•Going to Universal Studios for the first time

•Going to the Voice Fanale with my fiancé

•Going to the MTV Movie Awards

•Seeing THE TAYLOR SWIFT in concert

•Seeing and meeting HAIM at the Taylor Swift concert

•Taylor giving me a heart attack by liking my tumblr post out of nowhere.

•Going to LA with my best friend for the 1989 tour

•Going to Disneyland with my fiancé for our four year anniversary

•Buying my first car with my fiancé

•Spending the weekend at the Women of Faith tour with my grandma and my mom.

•The bitter sweetness of welcoming Hawk Eye into our family (I lost late my cat this year… I had her for 13 years and this is my new kitten)

•Learning to never ride anything with wheels again… AKA Hoverboards or Rollerblades.

•Getting my first pair of beats from my mom😍

•My fiancé surprising me with a diamond necklace for Christmas🙈

•Going to San Francisco for the first time (even if it was just for a doctor)

•Having the best Christmas I have had with my family

•Getting closer to my family (my grandma, cousins, mom&dad, and brother) and fiancé this year.

Well those were the highlights of my year I can remember 😊💕


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