Things I learned in 2015… So far

These are some things I have learned in 2015, so far. I learn new things every day and it helps me grow as a person each day.
-Laughing is a necessity each day.
-Take a breath, take two breaths, take three if you need. Don’t rush through life. -You only get one life, live it up while you can. Be happy.
-Don’t save things for a special occasion, every day is a special occasion.
-Hover boards are dangerous. I mean it, like seriously 😂
-Think the unthinkable.
-God loves you for who you are. Be who you are not who you think the world wants you to be.
-Popularity doesn’t matter one bit, as much as you may think it does.
-You have to go through the storm to find the rainbow in life.
-As bad as you may think life is, it gets better. I promise. It may not get better today, next week or even next month but it gets better.
-Take life day by day.
-You are not someone else’s opinion of you.
-You are your own definition of beautiful.
-Don’t judge anyone, you don’t know them or their story. You don’t know what they have been through or are going through, a lot of people are probably struggling more than you know.
-It is okay to love yourself.
-Don’t put someone else down to build yourself up.
-Material things don’t matter, brands don’t matter. The only thing that matters is happiness.
-God stands by your side every step of the way.
-Having a hobby is healthy! Heck, it’s a necessity.
-Loving to read doesn’t make you a nerd😜
-If something is meant to be it will be.
-Women’s conferences can change your perspective of life. This year I attended my first Christian conference Women of Faith and it changed my whole perspective on life. You see things differently- in a good way. It’s a healthy thing to do for yourself and your mental being.
-Family is a thing you really need to cherish. They are the only family you get, love them and let them know that you love them.
-Don’t look for love. Love will find you when the moment is right.
-Christmas isn’t about the gifts, it isn’t about the decorations, or the stockings, or Santa Claus. It’s about celebrating. Celebrating not only Jesus but what you have to be thankful for- having a roof over your head, food on your plate, a school to go to, and friends to turn to when you need them. Instead of worrying about the gifts you got this year, think about what you already have. Some people have life way worse than you and I.
-Even when life is going all wrong. Even when you are being pulled in 10 different directions, don’t forget to stay grounded and remember what is important in life. It may seem bad now but remember it all gets better. Just breathe and remember where you came from.
-Take chances. You never know what could come out of the chances you take.
-Don’t be afraid to do what you think is impossible, that’s the best thing to do. —Prove everyone wrong and let them know… I can do it.
-Your parents are the most important people in your life, no matter how old you are don’t be afraid to go to them. Let your mom be your best friend. Go out on father daughter days, go with your dad to work (if you can). Don’t be afraid to cry on their shoulder, to vent to them. They are there to help you through the ups and downs.


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