Update 1/3/2016

So, I have kind of gone MIA on my blog I know… but all for good purpose! I’m going to give you all an update on what’s been going on! Life has been crazy for me the last two and a half months.

First off let me tell you… if any of you are actually reading this and want to ride a hoverboard, please take my advice and don’t. On October 14 last year, I was at my fiancé’s moms house and his little brother had gotten a hoverboard for his birthday. His little brother was riding around the house, acting like the thing was easy-peasy of course. So, my fiancé got on it first, he was super shaky at first making me nervous. He got the hang of it after a while.

I chose to go out on a limb and get on the hoverboard. It took me about five minutes for me to get stable on the board, then the board was fun for about ten minutes and it all went downhill from there.

I was getting back on from sitting on the couch, and the board went right out from under me. I fell backwards, hitting my elbow in the process. I’m not exactly sure how I fell, I don’t remember. I didn’t get knocked out I do know that I was fully conscious.

I’m so lucky I have only hurt my arm and not hit my head. I ended up making 2 trips to Urgent Care where they told me they couldn’t see clear pictures from too much swelling. After that, we went to the ER and they let me know I had a fractured radial head. I have been through physical therapy and come home feeling in extreme pain and nauseous from it every time.

Now, two and a half months later I am still in extreme pain and have limited movement. I have been sent to an orthopedic specialist 5 hours away and now a pain specialist because I have been diagnosed with a very rare condition (this would only happen to me!) I have to go through all this before they send me back to physical therapy.

I am mentally and physically exhausted. It’s so hard to sleep from all the pain, but I try to do what I can during the day… frustrated I can’t do everything normal.

Well that’s my update! My next appointment is on Tuesday… Hopefully this will all be over with soon! Trying to stay hopeful and on the positive side😊💘


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