Best liquid lipstick dupes

These are some of the best liquid MATTE lippie dupes, I haven’t used some of them personally (yet!) These dupes are for MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, and more. I’ve found that liquid lipstick is one of my favorite types of lipsticks, you can’t go wrong! They just get so expensive when you buy these brands and so I did some research on some of my favorite colors, here’s what I found:

•Colourpop clueless {SHADES: nudes, pinks}
(Stila patina dupe)

•Colourpop tulle {SHADES: dusty mauve burgundy/ darks, nudes, reds}
(Stila Amore dupe)

•Colourpop bad habit {SHADES: dusty mauve pink/nudes, pinks}
(Stila Aria dupe)

•Colourpop trap {SHADES: dusty greyed out beige/nudes}
(Stila Baci dupe/Dose of Colors Stone dupe)

•Colourpop midi {SHADES: soft natural beige/nudes, pinks}
(Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood dupe)

•Colourpop Avenue {SHADES: deep yellow red/darks, reds}
(ABH heathers dupe)

•Colourpop bumble {SHADES: dusty warm terracotta/ nudes, oranges and corals}
(Kat Von D double dare dupe)

•Colourpop StingRaye {SHADES: cool toned mauve brown/ darks and nudes}
(ABH Veronica and Jeffree star Androgyny dupe)

•Colourpop 1st base {SHADES: mid tone true pink}
(ABH blush dupe)

•Colourpop Zipper {SHADES: deep blackened purple/darks, violets}
(ABH vintage and dose of colors berry me dupe)

•NYX tea and cookies
(ABH lovely and Dose of colors Stone dupe)

•NYX Vintage
(ABH trust issues dupe)

•Colourpop more better {SHADES: deep violet wine}
(ABH craft and Stila aria dupe)

•Colourpop lychee {SHADES: bright warm violet}
(Mac heroine dupe)

•Colourpop limbo {SHADES: deep chocolate brown/ darks nudes}
(Salem lime crime dupe)


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