Trying to be Optimistic


I found this picture on Pinterest today and I wanted to add it to my blog because I have been getting told this a lot lately. Juggling a hurt arm and shoulder and life itself is really hard, and I go to physical therapy three times a week. The therapist has been very hard but I know it is for the better and it will help me in the long run.

I thought this would be a great inspirational quote for not only me but anyone else going through tough times. This is a very true statement because at certain points in your life you find that you need to start thinking about what is best for YOU and that isn’t selfish at all. That is responsible. You can’t be worried about everyone else in your life before you. You have to come first some times.

This has been a very hard concept for me to wrap my head around. It’s taken me a few months to start even seeing the positives of the past few months rather than the negatives of life. I believe naturally all our brains turn to the pessimist side of things.

I’m trying to teach myself optimism.

Optimism or becoming optimistic about lots of things isn’t easy but sometimes you just have to push your brain forward and say I Can Do This.

I hope this helps at least a few of you, this is my inspirational quote of the day!

Thanks for reading, I should have another blog post up later tonight or in the morning about NARS dupes 🙂 Stay tuned!


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