NYX Liquid Lingerie

imageAs many of you may or may not know, NYX has released a new liquid lip formula in all nude type shades. The liquid lingerie’s, there are twelve colors in the collection. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

The colors have pretty names to go with the shades and in my opinion there is a shade for everyone!

Thanks to @KimJLuv on Instagram for this beautiful swatch picture!

The color names are Embellisment (I’m dying for this one! It’s out of stock and I’m just waiting for it to come back!), Honeymoon, Lace Detail, Ruffle Trim, Beauty Mark, Push Up, Satin Ribbon, Bedtime Flirt, Corset, Teddy, Baby Doll, and last but not least Exotic!

I placed an order and am waiting for my three to come in… sadly I can’t buy them all! I ordered Push Up, Bedtime Flirt, and Lace Detail off of the Ulta website. After watching many YouTube videos and hearing how great the formula was… I had to try them. I picked the colors I believed I would wear the most and I thought would look best on my pretty much porcelain skin tone.

Im hearing that the formula is mousey and isn’t drying AT ALL and then it dries on clean and beautifully. I have heard it doesn’t bleed or transfer.

The applicator is a doe foot applicator and is very easy to apply… it’s better than the Satin version!

Overall im very excited to try this! If anyone has any comments on this product or recommendations, please leave it in the comments below! Thank you!!


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