Colourpop Summer/Spring 2016

Hey Guys! I have fallen in love with Colourpop since I have discovered the company! Why couldn’t I have found them earlier in my life?! I wanted to make another order because of all the new colors that they keep releasing.

The Colourpop Spring/Summer 2016 line is pure Amazing. Honestly in my opinion, amazing doesn’t do them justice! These colors… Ahh! Gorg!


The new eyeliner pots are Teaspoon (a beautiful emerald green) and Descanso (a bright purple color with hints of blue/green glitter). Honestly I want both! Having blue eyes I feel like these will make my eyes pop, if used in the right way. They’re only $6.

There are two new liner pencils. One is Teaspoon, matching to the color pot. The same emerald green color. The other is a gorgeous nude, unlike any that Colourpop has made before. It’s that nude color liner that EVERYONE is looking for to make their eyes pop. It’s very versatile, the name is HoneyDude. Pricing at $5, you can’t beat this price.

These shadows… These. Shadows. The colors of them all are so unique and perfect for spring and summer. Such beautiful colors and they aren’t overpowering.


From top to bottom:



•Flower Shop

•Belladonna Lily


All of these colors are so beautiful, you can do so much with these. Layer some colors, make a gorgeous mermaid-smokey eye, a perfect nude look… all shadows are only $5. That price is unbeatable for the pigment and color you get in this pot.

Lastly are the lips from this new launch. I’ve mentioned them in a blog post before but I had to include them again. The lippie stix are in the colors Croquet, Crumpet, and Hype Girl. Croquet is pretty pink color in a sheer finish. Crumpet is a brighter bubblegum pink with a Creme finish. Last but not least is Hype Girl, a darker nude pink in a matte finish.

The liquid lipsticks are in the colors Naked Ladies, Botanical and Spritz. Naked ladies is a coral pink color with a Ultra Satin finish. Botanical is an orange/coral color with an Ultra Satin finish and lastly is Spritz, this color is amazing! I bought this color with my last order and it is a perfect everyday summer lip! I’m not usually one for brighter/pinker shades but this bubblegum pink color has sold me and I love the satin finish. It isn’t drying at all. The satin finish passed the kiss test 🙂 It stayed on as long as I needed without re-applying!

Thats my view on the new line and hopefully you can go check it out! If there is any favorites from the Colourpop brand, feel free to leave me a comment below!


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