So I’m quite excited! I just joined Ipsy, if some of you do not know, it’s a beauty subscription bag that arrives at your doorstep monthly. It costs $10 a month and with it you receive a makeup bag (EVERY MONTH- cool right?!), and five products based on a beauty quiz you take at the beginning of your subscription.

This months theme is travel! I’m so freaking excited about this months theme! The bags look adorable and both sneak peeks I’ve seen are so exciting, they’re actually products I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now.

I know some of you may say “Wait! Doesn’t Ipsy wait list you?!”

Yes! But I found that you can get off this wait list by resubscribing or by sharing about Ipsy on your social media. I unsubscribed then resubscribed in order to get off the list. The customer service at Ipsy was kind enough to let me get this months bag instead of having to wait until June for my GlamBag!

If this is something any of you are interested, I’ve linked my referral below and you can subscribe through there!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!



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