Beauty Box 5

So, this month I searched and searched for what Beauty box subscriptions I wanted to sign up to. I discovered the glorious Beauty Box 5. Ah, the Beauty Box 5. It’s $12/month for 5 random beauty products.

This month(April) was a pretty good month for this box. They sent an extra product with the box as a “Welcome box.” Lemme say, I was pretty excited.

Before I get into explaining what I received, I wanted to also say that you can receive things like body wash, hand lotion, etc.

  1. I received the green tea extract beauty wipes in the brand Global Beauty Care. It’s got 30 wipes inside. These makeup cleansing wipes are ah-mazing. I have used these myself already and they work wonderfully to remove makeup and even to cleanse your face when you feel a tad oily and you can’t get to washing your face at that moment.
  2. I also received the Masker Aide- All eyes on me hydrating gel patches. I’m super excited to try these out because let me tell you… my eyes need some brightening. These under eye circles need to go bye bye. Hopefully this works on them!
  3. I got the Chella Beauty pencil in Passionate Pink. This was perfect for this months box- hence Coachella! This color is a perfect summer color and it’s just gorgeous. I will definitely be using this pencil this spring/summer.
  4. Another lip product received was a lip stain. This is the bigger pot with the black lid. This came in the color Cake Pop by the brand Jelly Pong Pong. I’m excited for this because I’ve been looking for some summer colors as I’ve mentioned, and also some stains to try. This is perfect! Also this is a deluxe if not full sized product.
  5. My last product was a body wash by the brand Soapbox. This is a bigger sample than usual in my opinion. I will definitely be using this to travel. It smells awesome but not over the top. I’m going on a trip this week so this is perfect timing.
  6. My extra product for my “Welcome Box” was a Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow. This color is gorgeous and honestly I was not expecting this AT ALL. That makes it all the more better. The color is Vanilla Frosting, I’ll be using this mostly for highlighting my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye. This is the perfect color for that. I’m so happy that I got this brand in my box this month.

Overall I’m super happy with Beauty box 5 and I would recommend it to anyone. I love the fact that you have no idea what you’re going to receive and that it costs so little each month.

I hate committing to full sized products anyways on a whim without knowing what they’re like so I’m happy that I get to try them beforehand. This is perfect for this reason



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