Dollar Tree haul

Hey beauties, so my mom needed something from the dollar tree when we went out to Ulta and I wandered around while she shopped. 

I stumbled upon the beauty isle… of course right? I found some absolute gems. 

I bought three eyeshadow pallets- perfect summer/spring colors with wonderful pigmentation. I bought a ELF smudge pot and 2 beauty blenders. 

•LA colors eyeshadow pallet- Fling. It came with 6 different colors. It came with a baby pink, teal, a dark blue/purple, purple, and a pink berry color. They’re all metallic colors. Beautiful colors with beautiful pigmentation. 

•LA colors Eyes- Lotus. Pink, lime green, and a blue color. These also have a beautiful pigmentation and a pretty metallic finish. 

•LA colors Eyes- Iris. Light pink, Berry pink/purple, purple. Another metallic finish pallet trio. 

•The ELF smudge pot is in the color Brownie points. It’s a gorgeous metallic copper color that can either be a cream shadow or a liner. 

•The beauty blenders there are amazing in my opinion. I’ve used them forever and I don’t think there’s much of a difference between the original beauty blender besides the price. 

These were such amazing products and for the summer and spring season I couldn’t pass them up. I’m so excited to try new things this year. 


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