Drugstore Haul

So it may seem I’m hauling lots of products the past few days in my posts, I’m actually not. They’re just a few things I’ve needed from seperate stores. I indulged and spoiled myself with a few extras but every once in a while you gotta 😉 

The first thing I hauled was Rimmel Stay matte foundation in 100 Ivory. Surprisingly I picked the right shade without swatching it. This is a great foundation and I have really oily skin. It comes out in a mousey texture and blends on like a dream. I’m in love with this so far! I have no bad things to say. It covered all my pores and it was perfect. 

So I’ve heard A TON about micellar cleansing water. I picked up these Garnier micellar waters in a buy one get one half off sale at rite aide. This is amazing. It removes even the toughest of makeup. I bought the blue one- the waterproof makeup one. I didn’t think I would love it as much as I did. It’s the best makeup remover I’ve found so far that’s so gentle on the eyes without harsh rubbing. 

Lastly is the Wet N’ Wild color icon bronzer in Reserve your Cabana. It said it was for light skin so I purchased it. It’s more like a highlighter on my skin… my skin is practically PORCELAIN COLORED. So this I’m kind of disappointed in, if the company advertised it as a highlighter than I wouldn’t be upset AT ALL. It’s the bronze part. It’s totally not bronzer. For $3.99 I didn’t loose out on much but I got a different product than anticipated. 

Overall I’m happy with this haul. I would buy everything again EXCEPT the Wet N Wild. Hope you all liked this. Goodnight everyone 🙂




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