Ulta beauty haul


I thought I would post my full Ulta beauty haul from yesterday 5/6/16. I found some pretty amazing products while I was shopping around there.

I only went to buy an eyeshadow pallet. AN EYESHADOW PALLET I TELL YOU. I actually went to buy a shadow pallet from NYX. I ended up falling in love with the Urban decay Electric pallet. I had seen it here and there but I hadn’t actually looked at it in person.

I tried on the color Chaos with the matching eyeliner. It made my blue eyes pop and it was just a must buy.

The colors in this pallet are amazing and so pigmented. It also came with a eyeshadow brush.

The colors are Revolt (a silver with a white undertone), Gonzo (turquoise blue that just pops), Slowburn (a red-coral), Savage (a hot pink), Fringe (a gorgeous teal/ green-blue color), Chaos (a bright blue), Jilted (a berry red pink color), Urban (a dark bright purple), Freak (a gorgeous bright green color), Thrash (a yellow-green color).

Im so excited about this pallet for having a change from the nudes to brighter colors.

I also bought a handful of Urban Decay lipsticks because I just love them and the way they just glide on. The plus was that they had a sale on these. I bought the colors Naked 2, Rapture, Manic, Shame and After Dark.

I could have bought more but I HAD to stop myself, otherwise my bank account would be in the negatives LOL.


Next, I picked up the Real Teqniques brush for buffing foundation and the ecotools makeup brush cleansing cloths and both of these are really amazing products. I tried both of these out today and I’m loving both of these. The cleansing cloths remove makeup like a dream. They’re perfect for that small spot clean that you need every day and I love that they’re easily accessible. So much better than the spray.

This buffing brush is better than even Urban Decays. I’m not gonna lie. I’m telling the honest truth. You get a full face even application and it’s so smooth going on your face.


The last thing in my haul, I actually bought a while ago and have been using it since. It’s the Laura Geller Lip Strip smoothing sugar scrub. I bought this because I needed something for my lips when I wear liquid lipstick. My lips get super dry and this product helps so much by just rubbing some on my lips and exfoliating them before applying my lipstick during the day. I love the way it makes my lips feel so soft and smooth.

If you have a problem with dry lips, I highly recommend this for you. Just apply this along with your skin routine and it’ll do wonders for your lips.

Well that’s all for my Ulta beauty haul. I’m super happy with everything I’ve bought and I’m so glad I ended up buying these products.


4 thoughts on “Ulta beauty haul

    1. Wow! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 YES! The pallet was a great buy… I was going on a trip and I wanted some bright colors so I was going to buy drugstore pallets but this UD had me hooked. I’d def recommend it. Don’t be scared of the colors and the pigmentation is as good as pictures! Thanks for reading 🙂

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