Are you dying to get off Ipsys wait list?

I wanted to subscribe to Ipsy sooo bad. I mean $10 a month for 5 products and a beauty bag, come on! So one night I pulled out my debit card and took the plunge, subscribing to Ipsy’s Glam Bag. 

I was waitlisted. “You are now on the wait list and then once you are removed you will automatically be charged the monthly balance for the Ipsy bag.” -said the email. 

Frustrated I emailed Ipsy and cancelled my subscription. I didn’t want to be charged for a Glam Bag outta nowhere. So I backed out. Who knows how long I would have waited? 

I was given the choice to promote them on social media to get removed from the list and get my bag for that month but I didn’t want that on my social media. 

After cancelling I got an email saying that I could re subscribe and not be put on the wait list. Wow. That was easy. 

So after I unsubscribed to Ipsy, they contacted me about re-subscribing and I did. That’s how I was removed from the Ipsy glam bag wait list! 

Hopefully this helps some of you that are in this situation 🙂 




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