Homewear haul 

So I just got back from a family trip to Disneyland 😍 We had an amazing time but my poor brother got sick while on the trip. 😦 not fun. 

Whilst at the rainforest cafe I shopped as we waited for our table. 

*QUICK STORY- My dad checked us in for a table and the lady told us twenty five minutes for a table. We shopped. We waited. We ended up sitting outside after long enough. My mom asked my dad, “They’re calling a ton of names… Should you go say something?” 

He did. The lady proceeded to tell my dad she had never seen him before and had never checked him in. She tried telling him it would be another forty five minutes?! He told her how long we had waited and she gave a frustrated look and said we would get the next table avaliable. We did. Overall, it was eventful and slightly frustrating.*

Back to my blog post- I shopped around while waiting and stumbled upon the home goods area. It was amazing stuff… How had I never seen this before?! Then, I stumbled upon the sale home goods! 

The holy grail of purchases!!

I bought a wooden utensil set (3 pack) and this design is adorable. It reminds me of summer! 

A spatula set (3 pack) these silicone spatulas are ADORABLE. I love baking and I can’t pass opportunities like this up! I will totally use these when I move into my future home. 

Lastly, I bought two sets of dinner plates (4 packs x2) these turquoise colored plastic plates were an adorable dinner plate set. Four wasn’t enough so I bought eight. These will also be perfect for my future home. 

I’m saving all my home goods in my hope chest for when I get married and move into my future home. My hope chest is full, well almost! And I love filling it. 


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