Beauty Box 5 May

Unboxing my Beauty Box 5 is one of my favorite time of the month. I love the box I got this month. It was mermaid themed, I mean who wouldn’t love it? It was like childhood Ariel, Little Mermaid status! I got so excited when I heard the theme. 

The first thing I saw when I opened this box was Appeal cosmetics lipstick in the color crush. This red orange coral color is so in your face. Honestly I was scared of the color at first but now I’m super excited to wear it during the Summer. 

The next thing I saw inside the box was the Glitterati Eyeliner. This is so exciting because I’m always wearing liquid liner and I got it full sized in this box! The plus is that it’s waterproof and it has glitter inside the black color! 

I also received Glamour Dolls Mermaid lashes splash proof mascara. Im happy with this product because a girl can never have too many mascaras right? And I do not own any waterproof mascara at the moment. I’m happy I received this because it will be used all summer by the pool so there won’t be any makeup budging! 

Mystic Tan Mocha-kissed bronzer lotion was also added into my box. This is awesome because I normally have porcelain colored skin and it can use a little tan! If this works, it’ll be used a lot. 

Lastly I received, Briogeo Rosacaro milk reparative Leave-in spray. I love leave in sprays for my hair lately and I’m happy I’ve been getting them to try out in my hair. It’s supposed to add strength, softness, and be a barrier against UV rays. That’s even an excitement for me. To be a barrier against UV rays. 

I’m so happy with this box and I’m so excited for all the products I received in this box. I love how they add themes to the boxes and I would recommend the box to anyone. For only $12/month I will continue to recieve this box. 

XOXO, Ashley 


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