Birchbox May Unboxing

I received my May Birchbox today in the mail and wanted to share my Unboxing with you all. I’m not impressed at all with Birchbox last month nor this month. It’s been quite the disappointment. 

This is what I discovered when opening my Birchbox. The box is gorgeous, however the “samples” aren’t as pretty. 

I received five small products in my box this month. 

•Beauty Protector- this is a protectant and a detangler, the red bottle. This was the only decent sized bottle inside the box. This product I will use, but won’t get many uses out of it. 

•COOLA- this product came half full in the sample. It’s supposed to be a mango SPF 50 sunscreen. I was pretty excited about this until I opened it and saw the size… I was immediately disappointed about how small the bottle was and how little of use I would get out of the product. It smelled amazing though. 

•Cotz- this product was just a joke in my opinion. You could easily walk into Sephora and ask for a sample and get this size or even bigger…

•Jouer- This long lasting lipstick was a beautiful color and I was looking forward to this the most out of the whole box. When I received the box it ended up being smaller than my pinkie finger. I was shocked. Really? They couldn’t give us a deluxe sample? 

•Lastly I received W3LL People concealer. This product will end up being used by myself but the size bugged me again. Big time. I guess they weren’t into the boxes this month. 

I know this review was super unhappy but I wanted to give an honest review on my Birchbox. I did cancel my subscription and I subscribed to Boxycharm instead, I know there is a small price difference but honestly for the size difference, to me it’s worth it. 


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