I went to Disneyland the past week and I picked up some souvenirs the last day on the way home. 

I had my eye on this hat the entire trip and the last day, on the way home I threw it in my shopping bag. I thought this Monsters University hat was just adorable and would go with tons of outfits. My mom bought a hat on the second day and I couldn’t help but buy one myself. 

THIS DISNEYLAND SWEATSHIRT. I’m obsessed with non hooded sweatshirts and I wear them constantly. I had my eye on this one and I kept looking at it as I would pass by. My mom eventually talked me into buying the sweatshirt. It’s so soft inside and big/comfy. 

This was the first thing I picked up. An adult coloring book. I love these because of my anxiety. I seem to pick them up a lot when I’m having a hard time and just start coloring. It’s a soothing thing to do and it just helps me relax. 

I picked up this compact and the pens because I couldn’t keep my eyes off it and that’s pretty much the only reason 🙂


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