Clearing the air…

I kind of felt like I needed to clear the air about all my haul posts. I am nowhere near rich. I use many coupons first of all. And secondly my mom has bought me a few things. 

These coming up hauls (besides my Colourpop haul) will be things my fiancé has given me money to splurge on myself. Awe what a nice guy huh? 

But since I’ve been down almost 8 months, with my hurt arm and nerve damage, beauty products have kept my head up. 

I have major anxiety and depression and the injury exasperated it. When I do my makeup or just try out looks it makes me feel better. Beauty products are my picker upper lately. 

So, I just didn’t want all my followers to think that I was a rich person and I had money coming out my ears because that’s just crazy! I’m just a normal college student who is self employed. 

Thanks for taking your time to read 🙂

XOXO, Ashley


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