Colourpop Haul

So I went on Colourpop, after the crazy sale. In my mind the sale was just nuts and not worth it. I just used my $5 off coupon and went on my merry way. So later on I ended up going and buying a bunch of stuff I had been wanting for a long time. I spoiled myself just a tad. 

The single shadows I bought were all from their spring/summer collection that I have mentioned in previous posts. And lemme tell you guys I’m LOVING the colors of these shadows. The consistency of these are so amazing just like everyone says. Like butter… but when you rub it on it becomes a powdery formula, I love that. The colors are beautiful with one swipe but they are very build able. 
So, I bought all the shadows from the Colourpop In Bloom line. 



-Belladonna Lily


-Wattles (I just can’t with this one either. I can’t.)

Next on to the collection I bought, Jaime Kings #Alchemy collection. This is even more beautiful in person than I thought it would be. The colors are fantastic and they knocked it out of the park. Go Colourpop!
Colors in the collection:

-Pretty Bonnes (highlight)

-The Golden Child (highlight)

-Thames (blush)

-Alchemy (eyeshadow)

-Vanity fair (eyeshadow)

-Knight (eyeshadow)

I also tried my first Gel Pot eyeliners and guys, I’m impressed. The color payoff is ah-mazing. They are beautiful and I would buy more colors honestly. They are that amazing, and for the price, you can’t beat it. 

I bought:

-Descanso (In Bloom)

-Teaspoon (In Bloom)

-Timber (Grey)

As always I bought a massive amount of lippies because I go overboard with the ones I love. There’s literally nothing bad to be said about their lippies. Nothing. They have great payoff and their formula is not drying. It makes my lips feel awesome. 

-Crumpet-Creme (In bloom)

-Croquet-Sheer (In bloom)

-Hype Girl-matte (In bloom)


-Panda-Ultra Satin

-Lyin’ King-Ultra Satin




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