May Ipsy bag

This month I got my first Ipsy bag. I’m so freaking excited guys. I get my Beauty Box 5 and now I’m starting Boxycharm this month. Ipsy surprised me this month with the products I received. I actually really loved them.
I kind of thought this brand would be a hit or miss like most people say it is but so far so great. I was expecting the worst honestly and they exceeded those expectations. 

I received 5 products per usual and a cute little post card in my bag. 

-Jelly Pong Pong cosmetics Carribean Sun bronzer duo (this is a beautiful color, I will be using this a lot this summer to bronze my face up)

-Aurora gel polish no UV needed in old school pink (let me tell you, even though this is a HOT PINK, I love it for this time of year. It makes me look tanned and it’s just beautiful.)

-Vera Mona smudger brush (this brush is so soft)

-It cosmetics waterproof gel eyeliner in black (I was so shocked when I saw this in my bag, I had heard that these brands came in the bags but it just shocked me when I saw it inside my Ipsy. I love this liner)

-Chia hair smoothing oil




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