Ulta Haul

So I was at Ulta to get my hair cut and I had Ulta platinum points and a $10 off coupon and I really needed something for under eye circles and a concealer so I went on the hunt. 

-I bought the NYX concealer in the color porcelain and honestly I’m not too fond of it. It makes my face feel oily. I even use face powder to set it and it still feels oily on my face. It’s kind of a bummer considering I had high hopes for this one. 

-Next I bought Essence Say NO to dark circles. I’m actually loving this product. My dark circles are really less noticeable with this product. 

-I bought a bronzer because mine was slightly too dark and on the orange side. So I picked up Essence Sun Club bronzer for lighter skin. I’m LOVING this bronzer. It’s the perfect color. I actually really love the smell too, it smells like the beach. 

-I got two eyeshadow pallets because there was a free Ulta Hello Beautiful pallet with eye shadows and bronzer/highlighter/blush when you spend $16.50, I bought the Metals pallet and I love the colors in the pallet. These are both really great pallets. I’m so glad I picked them up. 




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