Getting paid for blogging 

As most of you know I recently started getting paid to blog, I will link the website that I’m getting paid through again below.

That’s beside the point. I have had the opportunity to become an affiliate for two amazing companies at this moment and I have requested a few more.

I am super excited about the companies I’m affiliated with!

I wanted you all to know about these, and how it works. I am in no way pressuring you to go and purchase through my affiliated companies.

You can always see them in either my social media menu or in the corner where I keep my links also.

The first company is Costal Scents and this one is what I started with. I’m so happy about this. This is an amazing company and their hot pot eyeshadow are amazing. I’m just greatful to have this opportunity.

How it works: you make 7% off every order when someone purchases through your link. Isn’t that great?

This is the link:

The next company I’m affiliated with is CUPSHE. This is an amazing clothing, swim and accessory company. I’m super excited to have gotten accepted into this affiliate link today. They have super cute clothes and I am loving this company.

Thanks for reading! Once again if you would like to get paid for blogging than you can visit the site below. It is a pretty awesome thing, you’re all welcome to check it out.

ShareASale, get paid for blogging:

XOXO, Ashley


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