Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallet

So I’m a little late than most on buying the Too Faced Chocolate bar pallet. I love the thing! It has excellent pigmentation and THE SMELL. THE. SMELL. 

I am so excited to use this pallet, I feel like unlike most, this could be an everyday pallet. I love every one of the colors… not a single bad color. Another plus is there’s many transition shades. 

I love how I could use this pallet and Colourpop shadows because this is awesome for transitioning into other colors. I have been building my Colourpop shadow collection and these are perfect together. 

I have never bought a Too Faced pallet. This is my first purchase from them. I do not regret one bit of it. I’m so happy I spent the money on this pallet itself. I had heard so many amazing reviews on it so I had to have it. The variety of colors are amazing and they are still so perfect. 

I 100% recommend this pallet to anyone on the fence about it. It’s perfect for any beauty lover or even MUA. 




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