Beware of fake chocolate bar pallets. 

I know I shared with you all how excited I was to get my chocolate bar pallet finally. I received a fake. After looking up the serial number AL3 I realized that was a common fake pallet. 

I’m super disappointed in recieving this pallet because of how excited I was to receive it and try looks with it. But, it’s a fake. 

I can tell you guys when buying one beware of the serial number, the weight of the pallet (fakes are lighter), if it sounds shaky, if the pans are off and turned slightly, the color of the pallet, and the box color/font. 

Let me know if this has happened to anyone else. (I did not order from Too faced… I should have.)




7 thoughts on “Beware of fake chocolate bar pallets. 

    1. I heard that too, I looked it up when I heard it and the prices were practically the same as MAC prices maybe $3 different when you include shipping. It’s awful how you can’t buy things without getting screwed over. People are so rude.

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      1. I bought mine from this app called Mercari where I actually sell things too like old clothes that I barely wore and things like that and the lady was like 100% authentic and turns out someone screwed her over too. The only thing I buy on eBay is acrylic lipstick holders for my vanity because everywhere else their like $10 but I wouldn’t buy makeup and I never had before now on that site either but I’m just like oh well, and my fiancé offered to buy me one on the too faced website during their 20% off sale. It’s just cruel people.


  1. Recently got sold a fake Mac lipstick on ebay (it was one for the Cinderella collection)… When I swatched it I’m like no this is not the real thing. Was eventually able to get my money back but I’m very weary of makeup on ebay… I’ve had one good experience and one bad… Think I’ll stick to reputable online stores. Sorry to hear about the chocolate palette 😦

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    1. Yes I’m so happy to hear you got your money back! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my money back, I had to buy a whole new chocolate bar pallet 😦 but when I received the new one I could tell a huge difference between the two pallets

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