Checking Up

Hey y’all! I’m sorry I haven’t posted a blog for a few days. I haven’t been on my A game, I’ve been sick 😷 

BUT I do have some good blogs for you coming! I have yet another Colourpop haul because I have a problem… you guys don’t need to remind me of this I already know I HAVE A PROBLEM OKAY?! I also have a Costal Scents haul with a blush and a shadow pallet and I’ll share a look and first impression with you. I bought a few things a couple of weeks ago that just arrived from NYX that I’ll share with you! 

I also want to make another dupes post but it’s going to be a surprise what brand it will be about because I don’t even know yet 😋 

I think I am going to get on a schedule with blogging, and try to make sure I have posts up on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday and whatever I post in between will be extra! 




5 thoughts on “Checking Up

    1. Honestly I bought most of them at the same time with coupon codes 😊 and shipping takes so long! So it seems like I have so much money… people probably think I do but honestly I don’t you know? But Colourpop they’re so cheap and I can’t help but buy every time they have a new line! They get to me… I have a serious “problem”

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      1. I knoooow it’s because they’re so freaking popular lol But yeah, you’re right ColourPop’s prices makes it so tempting to buy everything they sell! I am seriously considering buying Jenn’s new shadow collection because I saw a look she did with them and the colours are amazing and ColourPop makes such great shadowsssss

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      2. They are gorgeous! I just bought Kathleen’s where the light is. I’m so late on that one but I’m in love with those shadows! I love Colourpop shadows because they’re so different than other shadows. You can’t really compare them to anything else!

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