Hey lovelies! This morning I wanted to talk to you about this little company called scentbird. You get to try a luxury perfume every month and it comes in a cute removable container and a little velvet sleeve. 

You would think this is expensive right? No, it’s not. It’s only $14.95 a month and you get a generous 4 sprays a day for a whole month. 

I think that is amazing that this little guy will last you all through the month. They’re a “date” before you “marry” the perfume kind of company. Which is ideal because who really wants to go spend $90 on a perfume and find out that they don’t like the way it smells when the scent lingers? There’s many reasons to try before you buy. 

If anyone is interested I will link it down below. I am an affiliate, I know this matters to some.




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