Fruit infused water

Summer is upon us and it is hot out. Most of us are spending a lot of time in the heat. I know I have. So, that means having to stay hydrated. Do any of you have problems staying hydrated? I do. I regretfully say that… Do you need to drink water but forget or just get busy? 

Well fruit infused water is certainly one answer for all your problems! You can throw some fruit inside that water bottle and make your water actually taste appealing. Sometimes it isn’t very appealing, I know. Maybe adding one of these combinations of fruit infused water in your routine will help you out! 

As we all know drinking water has many health benefits. Drinking water helps your energy and your brain function. It may help or even prevent headaches. It helps your skin and keeps your skin looking good. It also fights sicknesses! 

Here are some fruit infused water combinations:






•Green tea, mint, and lime


•Cucumber, lime and lemon





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