Julep x BRIKA 

Julep teamed up with BRIKA to create a pool party mystery box for this summer, a thing that they only do few times a year. It promised to come with a makeup bag and six other products for $24.95! 

As I am affiliated with Julep, my mom let me know one day that she had ordered the box and I said “Oh wow that’s cool!” She reads my blog 🙂 

Hi mom! 

Well, she lent me the box to write a review on it because I saw it and I had to share it with you all. I was pleasantly impressed with it. It went above my expectations! 

Included (I’m not sure if every box was the same) was: 

•4 different nail polishes

•One eyeliner

•A lipgloss

The makeup bag is a black see-through bag with the quote “makeup the rules” on it. It is perfect for summer and perfect for traveling to the beach or even taking essentials to the pool! 

The first nail polish is a bright red with a hint of glitter. This is a perfect Fourth of July color, it’s named Jaqueline- Classic with a Twist. 

The second is an electric purple color with hints of glitter inside. The glitter is an iridescent color. The name of this polish is Madelyn- It girl. 

The third polish is a cream pink, a perfect nude nailpolish color! This shade is Lillian- It girl. 

Lastly is a smokey gray glittery color. The glitter is a pretty iridescent. This is a perfect shade to wear over a black! This is named Makenna- Classic with a Twist. 

The lipgloss is the perfect summer shade. This is a gorgeous coral pink for any look. You can wear this with a no-makeup makeup look or even a gorgeous smokey eye! This is Enchanted. 

The eyeliner is a pretty royal blue. I love their eyeliners. They do not tug and are super creamy. I’m so happy she recieved this color, perfect for summer! This shade is Ocean Blue. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July weekend! Stay safe. 




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