BECCA x Jaclyn Hill

Ahh the BECCA cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill Champagne collection seems to be what everyone wants this summer. I am guilty of this too… its just so beautiful. 

The Champagne collection keeps growing over time. It started off as the Champagne face pallet, eyeshadow pallet, a cream highlighter, a pressed highlighter and a skin perfecting liquid. 

The eyeshadow pallet had some problems that Jaclyn herself addressed recently. She was very disappointed because some turned out good and some bad, they were very inconsistent. She insisted on pulling the pallet altogether. 

The face pallet seems to be the popular product this summer. Everyone wants to get their hands on this! It is sold out for good online and won’t be restocked last said. There may be some still in stores but as far as I know this pallet is sold out! 

Jaclyn just announced that they are coming out with four new limited edition split pans. They come with half blushes and half highlights. On the top is Prosecco pop and Pamplemousse, the left is Champagne pop and Flowerchild, the bottom is Prosecco Pop and Amaretto, and the right is Champagne Pop and Hyacinth

On July 5, these will be avaliable on for email sign up. On July 14 they will be avaliable for purchase for $38 each. 

Hopefully Becca decides to add Champagne Pop as a permanent part of their collection because the highlighter is a beautiful unique shade. What do you guys think about this Becca and Jaclyn Hill collaboration? 




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