Getting Back Into my Groove

I’m slacking. I created this blog with the utmost intentions to blog regularly, to have a schedule. What can I say? Life has gotten in my way.

I have apologized in my past few blogs for being absent, saying I was going to get a hold of myself and start posting regularly.

To be honest, I have started a new job at a property management full time and I have started selling Paparazzi Jewelry ($5 jewelry!) these past few months and now I’m just starting to get back in the groove of things.

I am going to start planning my posts so I can start getting back to posting regularly.

Thanks for all of your understanding!






Hello, Lovelies!

Today I was going through my morning routine… waking up, checking emails and such. While I was scrolling I stumbled upon a Nordstrom ad and discovered a Too Faced Natural Matte palette for only $12.97. Yes you read that right. $12.97.

Image of Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette

It gets better… They also had their Natural Eye Palette for the same price… $12.97!  I think this one may have sold out… Yes they are both similar eye palettes but with this pricing, man I couldn’t pass these babies up!

I work in an office and some days I am in such a hurry that I don’t get to finish my makeup so compact palettes are very easy for me to carry back and forth. These colors are also so simple and elegant at the same time.

For the fun of it, I just kept scrolling through the Beauty sale section and I found some more gems!

Ofra Liquid Lipsticks! I love the formula of their liquid lipsticks. They are so creamy, non drying and they last forever on the lips. I ordered the colors Sao Paulo, Havana Nights, Brooklyn, and Bel Air for only $3.74!

Image of OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Havana Nights by KathleenLights Beauty Guru

The last time I checked for $3.74 they have Havana Nights, Staten Island, and Dubai left. For $9.97 they still had Santa Ana, Mocha, Laguna Beach, Mina, Plumas, Sunset Beach, Rio, Harlem, and New Orleans.

This is just a small section of what they had avaliable for sale… they had brand names like MAC, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, LORAC, etc.

Go check and see what you can grab before its gone!!

Wedding Series- The Disneymoon

Hello loves! Part 2 of my wedding series is going to be my Disney World/Honeymoon planning post.

Let me tell you out of all the planning I have been doing for everything in my wedding, this has probably been the hardest/most time consuming out of it all.

Let’s start off with how the place was chosen…

My fiancé and I planned on going road trip style, down the beach to Disneyland to stay a few days.

Well my soon to be mother in law called us and said “why don’t you two go to Florida to Disney World?” We had told her that was too expensive for us and that’s why we were doing something closer to home. She said no no… find a hotel and get the best room and stay for a week, I’m going to do this for you guys, it’s your wedding.

Yes. I was in shock.

So we looked and looked, it was kind of difficult because we hadn’t been to Disney World before so we had to go by pictures/distances from parks/recommendations from cast members.

We finally decided on Hotel Contemporary, this hotel is pretty great, the monorail runs right through the hotel! We have a Theme Park view room so if we’d like we can see fireworks/etc.

As a Disneyland AP holder I haven’t had any experience in half the things you have to do for Disney World, example making dining reservations 6 months in advance!

Yeah that was an experience… one of the hard things was we had never eaten at any of these places before so we had no idea if they were good or not but I can’t imagine anything being bad in Disney World. Another difficult thing was that a few things I wanted, the reservations were filled by the time I even got on! Yeah that was nuts!

But, this is our honeymoon… I’m going to go with the flow and everything is going to be amazing because I will have my Hubby with me!

My soon to be hubby is so easy going, he’s just letting me set up plans and just going with the flow and all he has to do is show up!

Let’s just say our Disneymoon is going to be perfect no matter how we spend it, no matter what the Florida weather chooses to be… because I’ll have my Husband by my side!



Holidays 2017

Good afternoon lovelies!

This year holidays were different to me, not because we did anything different- it was the feeling. I mean yes my family spent Thanksgiving in Disneyland but that didn’t change much for me.

My mom decided to book a trip down to Disneyland to celebrate Thanksgiving to have some much needed family time. We stayed in a hotel that looked like a house, it had a full kitchenette and even an upstairs. How did we spend our Thanksgiving meal you may ask?

One evening we had gotten back from the park and we were just relaxing, we had talked about doing Medieval times but decided against it. One of the hotel workers recommended a place where you eat your thanksgiving meal and you watch this Pirate show. This show was SO impressive! I would choose to go again because I was so impressed. This topped off our whole trip.

Moving on to Christmas… This year Christmastime felt so different to me. I felt so in the Christmas spirit. I don’t think it was because I watched Hallmark movies all month but who knows- just kidding! It felt so good to be with family and be surrounded by the people I love through the whole season. This year I planned everywhere my fiance and I had to go (family wise) so I felt so much less stress this year.

This year it wasn’t about the gifts given, it was nice of them to give but that was the last thing I cared about. This year it was about being surrounded by the ones I love.  It was also my last Christmas before I get married next September, time flies.

Overall my Holidays were pretty darn great.

How were your holidays?



Must Have Festival Beauty Products

Good evening loves! Spring is upon us therefore… FESTIVAL SEASON IS COMING! I have put together a little list of must-have’s for Coachella, hope this helps some of you when preparing to go to Coachella!

Starting off with face products, I have chosen the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. This foundation is a matte foundation and it is very long wearing. It’s perfect for the days you want your makeup to stay perfect day and night. 

With any foundation you need a setting powder, the Kat Von D lock it setting powder. This powder helps keep your makeup in place while setting any tackiness your foundation may leave behind. This is a matte setting powder and it leaves no white cast (for those selfie takers that were wondering).

For the eyes I have first picked the Naked Smokey pallet, this pallet is so beautiful for any kind of eye look. You could go more natural or more sultry and Smokey with your eye look.

For eyeliner I have two options, drugstore and high end. The first is NYX vivid brights eyeliner. I love the vivid brights not only because the cost but the colors they leave behond, so bold yet not over the top. Next is Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, these are so beautiful if you are willing to go out and spend a little more. The glitter is just drop dead gorgeous.

For mascara I have picked the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. I love this mascara. I can’t say that enough. This mascara makes your lashes stand out and look beautiful. At any festival/Coachella a waterproof mascara will be super important because with all the dancing you will be doing… sweat comes along. 

Lastly for lips, Colourpop makes perfect lippies for any persons style at only $5-$6! They make lip gloss, satin lips, matte, metallic, etc. The matte lippies last ALL day! Honestly I don’t buy many lip products unless they are from Colourpop!

Overall, these are my must-have festival/Coachella beauty products! I hope you all enjoyed this post and maybe it helped some of you! 



Valentine’s Day ’17

Hello lovelies! I hope you all are having amazing days and have had a great Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. 

My day has been pretty busy and honestly tiring! I have worked all day and then was bombarded with a migraine smacked in the middle of my day. 

Well I have gotten off track to what this post is about! My fiancé usually works until about 4:30-5:30 and comes straight home. 

Not today! He surprised me with a dozen red roses (I am one that loves flowers beside my bed, I love the way they look and smell.) He also came home with a giant white bear with a red bow around his neck and a box of chocolates. I was so surprised with the gifts I was given. Let me make something clear, I don’t expect gifts ever! I’m happy with just being together. 

Overall, my Valentine’s Day was amazing, how were all of your days? 



Dupes for Kylie Lipkits

Why pay $29 for a lip kit with only a lippie and a liner in it, JUST for the Jenner name when you can use these dupes? Save the money and buy these instead! Besides they are always sold out anyway! So I’ve got some other options for you…

DOLCE K- dupe for Colourpop Beeper and maybe even NYX Sugar Glass liner

TRUE BROWN K- dupe for Colourpop Limbo or if you are willing to splurge go for Doce of Colors Chocolate Wasted

MARY JO K- dupe for Sephora cream lip stain in Always red and if you choose then line your lips with UD Gwen Stafani classic red liner

POSIE K- dupe for NYX soft matte cream in Prauge

KOKO K- dupe for Maybelline liquid lipstick in nude thrill and if you choose, use Tartes Tartiest lip crayon in Boho

CANDY K- dupe for Colourpop clueless or if you’re willing to splurge Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood is perfect for you!


Thats is all I have for you all today guys! Thanks for reading! Once again, if there’s any other brands you’d like me to cover let me know in the comments!

XOXO- Ashley

Making a Difference

Hi everyone,

I came across this post on Tumblr today about a little girl named LuLu that was loosing her eyesight. They have no idea when she will loose her eyesight, like the post says it could be tomorrow or a year from now. She has a bucket list of things she wants to accomplish before it happens. The number one thing on this list is to meet Taylor Swift. I’m trying to spread the word and make this little girls dream come true, if any of you can help by liking this, sharing the post… However you can. I would be greatful. I don’t know this sweet girl myself but I can’t imagine what she must be going through. Thank you all💕

Best liquid lipstick dupes

These are some of the best liquid MATTE lippie dupes, I haven’t used some of them personally (yet!) These dupes are for MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, and more. I’ve found that liquid lipstick is one of my favorite types of lipsticks, you can’t go wrong! They just get so expensive when you buy these brands and so I did some research on some of my favorite colors, here’s what I found:

•Colourpop clueless {SHADES: nudes, pinks}
(Stila patina dupe)

•Colourpop tulle {SHADES: dusty mauve burgundy/ darks, nudes, reds}
(Stila Amore dupe)

•Colourpop bad habit {SHADES: dusty mauve pink/nudes, pinks}
(Stila Aria dupe)

•Colourpop trap {SHADES: dusty greyed out beige/nudes}
(Stila Baci dupe/Dose of Colors Stone dupe)

•Colourpop midi {SHADES: soft natural beige/nudes, pinks}
(Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood dupe)

•Colourpop Avenue {SHADES: deep yellow red/darks, reds}
(ABH heathers dupe)

•Colourpop bumble {SHADES: dusty warm terracotta/ nudes, oranges and corals}
(Kat Von D double dare dupe)

•Colourpop StingRaye {SHADES: cool toned mauve brown/ darks and nudes}
(ABH Veronica and Jeffree star Androgyny dupe)

•Colourpop 1st base {SHADES: mid tone true pink}
(ABH blush dupe)

•Colourpop Zipper {SHADES: deep blackened purple/darks, violets}
(ABH vintage and dose of colors berry me dupe)

•NYX tea and cookies
(ABH lovely and Dose of colors Stone dupe)

•NYX Vintage
(ABH trust issues dupe)

•Colourpop more better {SHADES: deep violet wine}
(ABH craft and Stila aria dupe)

•Colourpop lychee {SHADES: bright warm violet}
(Mac heroine dupe)

•Colourpop limbo {SHADES: deep chocolate brown/ darks nudes}
(Salem lime crime dupe)