Wedding Series- The Venue

Why helllo lovelies!

It’s been awhile since I have had the chance to sit down and actually write a blog post but I’m back!

As many of you know, I’m getting married soon- September actually… so I decided to kind of start a “wedding” series. Hopefully you all enjoy my wedding series and maybe it can help you out even at some point planning your own wedding.

The first thing we did was of course find my venue, all I knew was I wanted to be married on the beach and when I say on the beach I mean toes in the sand. Conveniently the only venue that did weddings on the beach was the hotel my family stays at every time we visit the beach.

As we were checking out from our vacation my mom and I mentioned having a wedding there and they gave us a information folder with all the information we would ever need to know about having a wedding at their hotel. As I looked through the packet I knew I wanted to be married there- my mom knew that was the place also.

We did some thinking and looking at numbers, when we settled on a date we called the Wedding Coordinator and booked the venue for September 16.

The venue included the upstairs restaurant for the reception and neither of us had seen the room so we scheduled a meeting time and made a meeting time to view the room where our reception would be held.

Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about beautiful, there’s a cute little room off to the side with hardwood floors and that’s where the DJ and the dance floor are during the reception. We are also given use of the outside deck which faces the ocean… major heart eyes guys.

My wedding is a Sunday afternoon wedding, 11-4, perfect sunlight pictures and hopefully perfect weather.

As of right now, I’m leaning to only serve mimosas and beer no hard liquor… it’s early and I want my wedding to be classy as possible… don’t get me wrong, if you serve alcohol at your wedding more power to you! It’s just a decision I’m going to have to really think about.

Along with the venue comes with the colors- linens, flowers, cake etc. As of now I’m thinking blue jean blue, burlap brown, peachy pink, and like a leafy green. More natural colors.

The linens have been a hard decision for me but I think I have finally picked which color out of those I want to use, buuutttt you’ll have to wait and see what I choose closer to the date!

The wedding coordinator has made the venue much easier. She will take my decor the night before and put it all up for me and get my whole wedding ready for me and all I have to do is show up to my wedding. That’s another selling point of my venue.

Along with my venue, on our anniversary every year we get a free nights stay at the hotel, free of charge just because we got married at the venue. Yes I’m serious- a free nights stay at the beach… I’ll take it!

Well, that’s my “Venue” post… hopefully you all enjoyed it and maybe it helped you out! If you have any questions feel free to leave them below!




December Ipsy

Wow, I can’t believe December is already here and Christmas is in 7 days… 7 DAYS! Winter is coming in 3 days… this is my favorite time of the year.

Maybe I should quit blabbering and get on with this post. So this month I have to say my Ipsy bag was so-so for me. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it. The bag itself I think is adorable but the contents… eh.

The first thing I received was The Coffee Scrub in the scent Coconut. I’ve never really used a scrub so maybe I’ll give this one a try.

I’m kind of happy that I received the MAC Extreme Dimension Lash, MAC is a brand that is so talked up in the beauty community and I haven’t really tried much besides their lipstick and setting spray.

I received the Meech and Mia white pigment and I’m so so on this because I don’t usually wear pigments and if I do I tend to go for glittery colors.

The trestique brow pencil I received I wasn’t super excited about, I don’t usually use many brow pencils so it will probably get passed on to a friend.

Lastly I received a shader brush from Luxie beauty. I love luxie brushes they are so soft and hardy brushes.

Well that’s all that I got in my Ipsy bag this month. It wasn’t the best this month but it had a few good things so I won’t complain.

What did you get in your bag this month?



New @ Colourpop

Today, November 16, Colourpop will be releasing 10 NEW Ultra Matte lips and 4 Ultra Glossy lips to add to their collection. The products launch at 10 AM PST.

The Ultra Matte lips:

  1. Soufflé
  2. Star crossed
  3. Take a pixie
  4. Snow fleek
  5. Cloudscape
  6. Lightweight
  7. Fragile things
  8. Flurries
  9. Arabesque

The Ultra Glossy Lips:

  1. Lay-z
  2. Fingers crossed
  3. Believe me
  4. Imagine

Colourpop is offering Free domestic shipping and free worldwide shipping with orders over $30, this is starting today (11/16/17) for 48 hours.

Will you be buying any new Colourpop products? I just may have to place a small order!



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Thanksgiving at Disney 2017

Thanksgiving is approaching fast, next week in fact! Wow, this year is going by so fast.

Thanksgiving is usually a holiday that I spend jumping from family to family all day. It usually starts off at one of my grandmas houses then to my fiancé’s grandmas then finally my other grandmas for dinner with my parents and brother. Crazy day right? Gotta love it!

This year my mom decided to spend Thanksgiving in a totally different way than normal. She has been planning for months and now it’s finally almost here!

My Mom/Dad has decided that as a family (me, my brother, my fiancé and my parents) we are spending Thanksgiving at Disneyland! She has booked a “penthouse” suite for the five of us, we will spend Monday through Thursday there.

As a family we love going to Disney, all the people that say Disneyland is for children are completely wrong. We all are Annual Passholders.

Honestly I love being an Annual Passholder. For one, it’s so much cheaper in the end, one visit pretty much pays for the whole thing. Being an AP allows us to just plan a spur of the moment trip, all we need to do is book hotels. Yes we have blackout days but those days are the most crowded anyway!

Being an AP has other perks also- discounts in the parks, little events that are held throughout the year, being able to hop from park to park… the list goes on.

We have never spent Thanksgiving anywhere other than Home… or any other holiday for that matter! Thanksgiving to me, means spending time with your families and being thankful for their presence. I’m so excited to spend this amazing week with the ones I love the most in one of the places we all love the most!

What are you all doing for thanksgiving? Feel free to leave it in the comments, I would love to know what your plans are!



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Why I Chose to Have a Wedding Coordinator…

Like I said in my last post (it’s been awhile I know!) I’m getting married September 16, 2018. We are getting married on the beach then moving into the hotel restaurant for the reception. 

What does my Wedding Coordinator do?

My Wedding Coordinator takes care of most of my wedding honestly. When we first secured the venue she sent me the list of vendors that I will be using (cake, flowers, DJ…) which all come in the price of my wedding. 

When the wedding gets closer she will help me get in contact with these vendors and make sure I have all my ducks in a row. 

For the ceremony, they set out all the chairs in white or brown (my choosing). Also, the arch which will be covered in flowers and greenery. 

On the wedding day, I hand her any decorations that I would like set up in the venue and they place them out for me. They also decorate with linens in the colors of my choosing. Of course they help get the cake set up and placed on the table with our cake server and cutting set that we have purchased. 

In other words… once my hairstylist and my makeup artist are finished and I get my dress on, all I have to do is show up to my beautiful wedding. Completely anxiety and worry free! 

Are you getting married? Would you use a Wedding Coordinator? Let me know in the comments below! 



Wet n’ Wild 1 Step Wonder nail polish first impression 

Wet n’ Wild has come out with a nail polish called the 1 Step Wonder nail polish… it promises a lot for a very little price compared to many other polishes. I will admit, KathleenLights made me buy it… guilty as charged. I saw the gorgeous nude shades she showed and I loved the way they looked. 

I had been wearing a bright “highlighter” pink shade and when I saw this on the end cap I fell in love. Seeing as I wanted to try the formula before buying more, I just bought one. 

These nail polishes advertise a lot, it seems too good to be true 🙂 

  • Lasts up to two weeks. 
  • Gel coat finish. 
  • No base or top coat needed- remove with regular nail polish remover. 
  • No UV light needed. 
  • No Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Phthalate.  

I bought the color “Left Marooned” and I’m very impressed with how they have turned out. I painted them last night and the color is very opaque and feels just like a gel manicure. They were very easy to apply and only took 2 coats to get a deep deep maroon color. 

I am not easy on my nails by any means, I wish I was but I am not sadly. This polish will be a test to see how it lasts through the next week or two. If I’m impressed by the wear as much as I am by the color, I will definitely buy more colors! 

These polishes cost $4.99 each on the wet n’ wild website and they come in 18 shades! I will link the website below if you would like to check it out, I am NOT affiliated with them in case it bothers anyone 🙂 I did buy mine at my local Rite Aid with my Plenty card and they were much cheaper than the ticketed price. I’m not sure if it was a promo but I bought the bottle for $2.99! Hope this helps 🙂

Wet n’ Wild nail polishes

If any of you have tried this product and hated it or have loved it, please let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading. 



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BECCA x Jaclyn Hill

Ahh the BECCA cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill Champagne collection seems to be what everyone wants this summer. I am guilty of this too… its just so beautiful. 

The Champagne collection keeps growing over time. It started off as the Champagne face pallet, eyeshadow pallet, a cream highlighter, a pressed highlighter and a skin perfecting liquid. 

The eyeshadow pallet had some problems that Jaclyn herself addressed recently. She was very disappointed because some turned out good and some bad, they were very inconsistent. She insisted on pulling the pallet altogether. 

The face pallet seems to be the popular product this summer. Everyone wants to get their hands on this! It is sold out for good online and won’t be restocked last said. There may be some still in stores but as far as I know this pallet is sold out! 

Jaclyn just announced that they are coming out with four new limited edition split pans. They come with half blushes and half highlights. On the top is Prosecco pop and Pamplemousse, the left is Champagne pop and Flowerchild, the bottom is Prosecco Pop and Amaretto, and the right is Champagne Pop and Hyacinth

On July 5, these will be avaliable on for email sign up. On July 14 they will be avaliable for purchase for $38 each. 

Hopefully Becca decides to add Champagne Pop as a permanent part of their collection because the highlighter is a beautiful unique shade. What do you guys think about this Becca and Jaclyn Hill collaboration? 



False Eyelash Tips & Cleaning

False eyelashes seem to be a staple in every beauty gurus beauty routine these days. I remember a few years back when falsies were only worn on special occasions, for me that is! I felt so beautiful wearing them on Prom night and during my annual dance recital. 

To be honest, Jaclyn Hill makes false eyelashes look like a breeze to apply! Watching her videos inspired me to order false lashes again because they looked so darn beautiful! 

I’ve remembered that lashes aren’t as easy as it seems… so I’m here to share some tips that I have found, maybe it will help some of you out too 🙂 

  • Use an eyelash applicator to apply false lashes.
  • Use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes with your falsies.
  • Apply mascara after you apply your falsies. 
  • Stick the outer corner of the false eyelash on first then apply towards the inner corner. 
  • Trim lashes to the right length for comfort. 
  • Bend lashes before applying. 
  • Leave the glue 40-50 seconds before applying lashes to your eyes. 
  • Apply a little more glue on the outer and inner corners of false lashes. 

I hope these tips can help some of you, I know they help me. Practice makes perfect when it comes to lashes! You have to apply, apply, apply! 

Many people don’t know that you can clean your falsies. I know I didn’t until a few months ago. This definitely prolongs the life of your lashes. Falsies are reusable, so cleaning them can make them last that much longer. 

What you will need:

  • A bowl/open container
  • Alcohol 
  1. Add alcohol to the bowl, you do not need much. 
  2. Submerge your lashes inside the alcohol. 
  3. Let sit for a few minutes. 
  4. Rub lashes gently until the mascara is off your falsies. The glue will also seperate in the process. 
  5. Alcohol evaporates so you do not need to dry them, you are all done… store your lashes until you are ready to use again!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to give it a like and follow me if you enjoyed it 🙂 Happy Sunday! 




Hi loves! 

I wanted to just write and say I plan on doing a giveaway in the near future! I’m gaining followers and I am so thankful for you all. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me already. You have no idea what that means to me. 

As my follower amount increases I have been thinking “what can I do to show my appreciation?” 

Aha! A giveaway! 

Once I reach 175 followers I will start my giveaway 🙂 I will release details closer to then but thank you everyone! 



Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting and Contour dupes 

Anastasia Beverly Hills has/is becoming more popular day by day. It seems that every single beauty guru raves about their products. But what do they seem to rave about most? Ahh… the contour kits and the highlighting palettes. I cannot say that I blame them, every one of them is so beautiful. So pigmented. ABH goes hard or goes home in that part of their products. 

The Anastasia powder contour kit is the one that has caught my eye the most. They are so rich in pigment, they give you SIX shades to use and the pans are huge… all for $40. If I’m being honest, this product has been sitting in my Ulta cart for about 2 weeks now. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat badly wanting to find a dupe. Why, you may ask? It’s not that it’s a bad price, it’s because it will take a dent in the wallet for my first contour kit. 

Yes, I did just say my first contour kit. I use bronzer at the moment. *gasp* But, I can almost guarantee you I am not the only one in this predicament. Many people cannot buy these because of money reasons! But hey, that’s no problem! So what point am I trying to get to…

Right! There is a dupe for Anastasia’s powder contour kit. The Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour kit is a beautiful dupe for the ABH kit! It only costs $8 compared to $40. It comes with four highlighting and four contouring shades. Now that even beats ABH! 

Ahh, the glow kit. Every. Single. Color. Of these glow kits are jaw droppingly gorgeous. They come in three unique shades with four pans in each. The OG’s- That Glow and Gleam. The summer release that is limited edition Sun Dipped. I will admit that Sun Dipped is one of those unique palettes that I so badly want my hands on… and for $40. You can’t beat it! 

Sun dipped comes with the shades- Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline and Moonstone. 

That Glow includes the shades- Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly and Dripping in Gold. 

Lastly Gleam includes the shades- Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst and Crushed Pearl. 

That being said, don’t you worry ladies… I have a dupe for ABH’s Glow kit, drumroll please… its ELF’s Illuminating pallet! This little guy is only $6 on the elf website and in Target/some Drugstores. This is a gorgeous dupe for the Glow Kits! If you cannot get your hands on a glow kit, no worries! Just pick yourself up an illuminating pallet by ELF!