December Ipsy

Wow, I can’t believe December is already here and Christmas is in 7 days… 7 DAYS! Winter is coming in 3 days… this is my favorite time of the year.

Maybe I should quit blabbering and get on with this post. So this month I have to say my Ipsy bag was so-so for me. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it. The bag itself I think is adorable but the contents… eh.

The first thing I received was The Coffee Scrub in the scent Coconut. I’ve never really used a scrub so maybe I’ll give this one a try.

I’m kind of happy that I received the MAC Extreme Dimension Lash, MAC is a brand that is so talked up in the beauty community and I haven’t really tried much besides their lipstick and setting spray.

I received the Meech and Mia white pigment and I’m so so on this because I don’t usually wear pigments and if I do I tend to go for glittery colors.

The trestique brow pencil I received I wasn’t super excited about, I don’t usually use many brow pencils so it will probably get passed on to a friend.

Lastly I received a shader brush from Luxie beauty. I love luxie brushes they are so soft and hardy brushes.

Well that’s all that I got in my Ipsy bag this month. It wasn’t the best this month but it had a few good things so I won’t complain.

What did you get in your bag this month?




New @ Colourpop

Today, November 16, Colourpop will be releasing 10 NEW Ultra Matte lips and 4 Ultra Glossy lips to add to their collection. The products launch at 10 AM PST.

The Ultra Matte lips:

  1. Soufflé
  2. Star crossed
  3. Take a pixie
  4. Snow fleek
  5. Cloudscape
  6. Lightweight
  7. Fragile things
  8. Flurries
  9. Arabesque

The Ultra Glossy Lips:

  1. Lay-z
  2. Fingers crossed
  3. Believe me
  4. Imagine

Colourpop is offering Free domestic shipping and free worldwide shipping with orders over $30, this is starting today (11/16/17) for 48 hours.

Will you be buying any new Colourpop products? I just may have to place a small order!



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WNW makeup remover towelettes 

Good evening lovelies! I’m here to talk about a surprising item that I have discovered, Wet N’ Wild Under the Sheets makeup removing towelettes! These were in a small end cap in my local Rite Aid today and I thought why not? I need wipes and I’m completely out so why not. I come home and remove my makeup… they removed it like a dream. I was so surprised considering they were only $2.99! They didn’t tug at my eyes and it didn’t burn, but removed every bit of makeup I had on. 

I highly recommend this product so if you come upon these in your local drugstore I highly recommend picking these babies up. Especially for the price, the normal wipes I buy are $7.99. Yes, you read that right… its rediculous. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it helped you out a little! 



Julep Pool Party Mystery Box!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to tell you about this amazing promotion that Julep is running. They are selling a pool party mystery box with over $100 of products for only $24.99! It comes with this adorable makeup bag that says “makeup the rules.” This only lasts until 6/15 and then it’s gone until the next one in August or September! The box looks so exciting. It comes with SIX mystery beauty or nail products. 

If you are interested in this offer you can use the link below, it is an affiliate link if that bothers you! Thanks for reading!



Checking Up

Hey y’all! I’m sorry I haven’t posted a blog for a few days. I haven’t been on my A game, I’ve been sick 😷 

BUT I do have some good blogs for you coming! I have yet another Colourpop haul because I have a problem… you guys don’t need to remind me of this I already know I HAVE A PROBLEM OKAY?! I also have a Costal Scents haul with a blush and a shadow pallet and I’ll share a look and first impression with you. I bought a few things a couple of weeks ago that just arrived from NYX that I’ll share with you! 

I also want to make another dupes post but it’s going to be a surprise what brand it will be about because I don’t even know yet 😋 

I think I am going to get on a schedule with blogging, and try to make sure I have posts up on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday and whatever I post in between will be extra! 



Top 10 lipsticks right now

So I wanted to share my favorite lippies at the moment with you all! There’s a total of 10 of them, I love every one of my lippies but if I had to pick these are my top ten right now. 

Mac Brave is one of my go-to lipsticks when I don’t know what lipstick to wear. This was my first ever MAC lipstick.

MAC Whirl is another go-to. This color is so beautiful! I bought this when shopping with a friend and fell in love. It’s one of those colors that goes well with anything you wear. I usually don’t have to re-apply tons and I like that a lot. 

Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick in the color After Dark is gorgeous! I would have never thought to buy this color until they had a sale for 1/2 off their lipsticks and I was hooked on this color. I wore it to the Selena Gomez REVIVAL tour and it was the bomb. 

Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Naked 2. This color is the perfect nude. Not a pink nude, a true nude. I love this one so much better than the original Naked color. 

NYX liquid suede in the color Vintage is one of my favorite dark colored lipsticks. I love this one because not only is it a liquid lipstick but it’s a darker maroon red. The color is beautiful and perfect for any time you want to wear it. This isn’t one of those that is just for fall. 

NYX liquid lingerie in the color push up is a drop dead gorgeous color. The formula on these are seriously the I literally wore them to Disneyland a whole day and never re applied. This color is so subtle get a stand out nude for a daily basis. 

Colourpop Ultra Matte lippie in Lumiere 2 has been a staple in my collection. I would have never pictured myself wearing a color like this until I put it on and fell in love. When I put it on, it didn’t dry out my lips and it was the perfect liquid lipstick. I’m so in love with this color. 

-Of course I fell in love with its younger sister Colourpop Lumiere lippie stix. This one is probably my top favorite out of all these lippies. I can wear this with anything, even just mascara and not overwhelm my face. I find myself reaching for this constantly. 

-Lastly is Colourpop Ultra Satin Spritz from the Colourpop in bloom collection. This I’ve already almost used half of. I barely noticed and I was so surprised. I do find myself reaching for this a lot too because it’s just that gorgeous pink for spring. 

I hope you all enjoyed that post! Thanks for reading 🙂 



Jeffree Star dupes

Happy Wednesday lovelies, I just wanted to share with you a list of Jeffree Star dupes I found. It seems that JS has become more and more popular and I can totally see why! They have amazing products. I made this list because there are lots of people, like myself, who may not be able to afford the $18 per liquid lippie or not want to spend that much on just one. So I hope you enjoy! Here’s the list:

-Colourpop StingRaye 

-LA Splash Lovegood 

-NYX soft spoken


-NYX kitten heels


-Colourpop Cake

-NYX hippie chic

I’m nude

-NYX satin ribbon

-Colourpop Skimpy

Prom night

-Colourpop Highball 

Anna Nicole

-NYX Morocco

-Jordana Tangerine Tango

 Doll Parts

-CoverGirl Ultra Violet 

Blow Pony

-NYX Sway

Celebrity Skin

-NYX sandstorm 


-Colourpop Mr. Blonde


-Colourpop Guess


-Colourpop Limbo

Blue Velvet

-Colourpop Jellies

-pretty Zombie Sea Witch 


-Pretty Zombie Black Cat

I’m Royalty

-Pretty Zombie 3 witches

Unicorn Blood

-Lime Crime Wicked

-NYX Full throttle in Con Artist

-Pretty Zombie Dahlia 

Queen Supreme

-ABH Bambi

 Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this dupes list. If you would like me to do any other brand dupes in the future let me know in the comments! 



Morphe haul

Hi lovelies, I received my first Morphe order on Saturday and I’m so pleased with what I got. I ordered 12 shadow pots, 3 makeup brushes and a pallet.
I’m so impressed by the shadow pots and the pigmentation of the shadows. I used one today for the first time as a transition shade in the color “hanky panky” and it was amazing. It was so smooth and worked great as the transition. The pots only cost $2.29. The shadows I bought were:Life in the city 


Pretty in pink 

Pink moscato 

Glow for me 


Grape Day 



Hanky Panky

Infinity and beyond 

Creme brule

They’re all in a Morphe pallet that is magnetic and holds 12 shadows. It costed $6.99 for the pallet itself, I just removed each shadow and placed it inside the pallet gently. 

I also bought 3 brushes because Morphe was having a sale and I got the E23 deluxe blender, E38 bent liner, and E17 crease precision. The shadow brushes work amazing. They blend amazing and are so soft. I was very impressed by the quality of the brushes. 

Overall I’m so happy with my Morphe order and I can’t wait to use all my products!



Lip Monthly

Hey lovelies! I just wanted to take a minute to talk about Lip Monthly. I found this website a couple months ago and I was fascinated. Honestly, I will probably end up trying them out soon. I recommend it for any Lippie lovers. 
You receive 2-3 full sized products each month and 2-3 sample products. They’re all new lippies every month. You’ll discover amazing lip products with them. You can get products from all around the world. Examples are: stains, glosses, lip balms, lipstick and a ton more. The cost of the box is $10/month and a month to month subscription. 

If you don’t like the first month, you can cancel anytime! If you do choose to sign up with this link, I’m an affiliate so you’ll be supporting me and I would be forever grateful. Thank you ahead of time to anyone who signs up with this link/if anyone signs up with the link.


So I’ve seen this company called NuMe all over social media. I was like what is NuMe? They sell curling irons, wands, straighteners and sets. I’m like OH MY GOD you are beautiful… looking on the website. 

Yes you can go on and see a straightener for $130. But, when you first enter the site if you enter your email you can get $50 OFF YOUR FIRST PRODUCT! That is an amazing deal! 

That’s cheaper than most high-end hair accessories. These are great products, my mom wanted to buy a straightener off their site already 🙂 

Here’s the link to their site (affiliate):