Valentine’s Day ’17

Hello lovelies! I hope you all are having amazing days and have had a great Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. 

My day has been pretty busy and honestly tiring! I have worked all day and then was bombarded with a migraine smacked in the middle of my day. 

Well I have gotten off track to what this post is about! My fiancĂ© usually works until about 4:30-5:30 and comes straight home. 

Not today! He surprised me with a dozen red roses (I am one that loves flowers beside my bed, I love the way they look and smell.) He also came home with a giant white bear with a red bow around his neck and a box of chocolates. I was so surprised with the gifts I was given. Let me make something clear, I don’t expect gifts ever! I’m happy with just being together. 

Overall, my Valentine’s Day was amazing, how were all of your days? 




NuMe curling wand sale

Hey loves! NuMe is an amazing hair product company that I have seen many celebrities use their curling irons and wands on Instagram. I have heard people rave about their products!

They are running a Fourth of July promo for everyone if you just use the code! The classic wands that are normally $139+ are only $39!

They are also offering free shipping on any $39 classic wand plus a free argan oil with every order! This is a great deal!

If you guys would like to check this out I will leave the link below! I hope you guys can get some goodies this holiday weekend! Thanks for reading 🙂