Dupes for Kylie Jenner Metallic Lip Kits

We all know how popular the Kylie Jenner Metallic lip kits are, most of us dying to get our hands on them. The priceā€¦ its hefty for one metallic lipstick. 

First off is King K, 

  • NYX- Mischevious 
  • MAC- Bronze Shimmer

Next is Heir, 

  • Stila- Dolce
  • Too Faced- Debutante
  • Sephora- Honeymoon
  • LipTar liquid lipstick- Honeymoon

Next is Reign, 

  • Milani- Bronze Beauty
  • Too Faced Metallic- Candy Bar
  • NYX- Wrath

Last but not least is KyMagesty, 

  • NYX Cosmic Metal- Galactic
  • NYX Wicked Lippie- Cold Hearted

Thanks for reading! I hope you all found this post useful! 

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Kylie lip kit dupes!

So I was thinking about the Kylie lip kits and the expense they bring along. They’re 29$ a pop when you could be spending much less. They sell out within an hour, so I found a list of dupes for you guys.

Koko k

Clueless Colourpop

Closer match- mix Colourpop clueless and trap

NYX soft lip cream in Instanbul
Dolce K

Colourpop Beeper

Colourpop chi
Posie K

Sephora Marvelous mauve #13

NYX soft matte lip cream in Prague
True brown K

Colourpop limbo
Candy K

NYX soft lip cream in Stockholm

Colourpop succulent

NYX Orange County
Mary jo k

NYX soft matte lip cream in Amsterdam
Kourt K

Soft matte lip cream in Transylvania