New @ Colourpop

Today, November 16, Colourpop will be releasing 10 NEW Ultra Matte lips and 4 Ultra Glossy lips to add to their collection. The products launch at 10 AM PST.

The Ultra Matte lips:

  1. Soufflé
  2. Star crossed
  3. Take a pixie
  4. Snow fleek
  5. Cloudscape
  6. Lightweight
  7. Fragile things
  8. Flurries
  9. Arabesque

The Ultra Glossy Lips:

  1. Lay-z
  2. Fingers crossed
  3. Believe me
  4. Imagine

Colourpop is offering Free domestic shipping and free worldwide shipping with orders over $30, this is starting today (11/16/17) for 48 hours.

Will you be buying any new Colourpop products? I just may have to place a small order!



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Colourpop mini haul

Hey lovelies! Happy Tuesday, I was going to share my little Colourpop haul with you today!
I picked these up a couple weeks ago but they got here last week and I have just been sick and not able to blog. The shipping took a little longer but that’s understandable considering they had so much going on with Birthday Boy releasing and such. 

I picked up four lippie stix in the colors LBB, Brink, Grunge and Aquarius. I was kind of on a nude/dark phase this order because I noticed I had no darker lippies! All of them are matte except for Aquarius which is a Creme lippie. 

I bought 3 liquid lipsticks in the colors Magic Wand, Dopey, and Chilly Chili. Magic Wand and Dopey are both Ultra Satin and Chilly Chili is a Ultra Matte. I’m in love with their liquid lippies. 

I bought my first full sized blush, I’m in love with this color. It’s called Cruel Intentions. It’s a gorgeous pink rose color. I love the formula of these and it’s not comparable to ANYTHING else, except maybe butter😋 

Also, I got birthday boy for free! This color is amazing! Let alone limited edition! The gold and the glitter… agh! They couldn’t have done better.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post.



Top 10 lipsticks right now

So I wanted to share my favorite lippies at the moment with you all! There’s a total of 10 of them, I love every one of my lippies but if I had to pick these are my top ten right now. 

Mac Brave is one of my go-to lipsticks when I don’t know what lipstick to wear. This was my first ever MAC lipstick.

MAC Whirl is another go-to. This color is so beautiful! I bought this when shopping with a friend and fell in love. It’s one of those colors that goes well with anything you wear. I usually don’t have to re-apply tons and I like that a lot. 

Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick in the color After Dark is gorgeous! I would have never thought to buy this color until they had a sale for 1/2 off their lipsticks and I was hooked on this color. I wore it to the Selena Gomez REVIVAL tour and it was the bomb. 

Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Naked 2. This color is the perfect nude. Not a pink nude, a true nude. I love this one so much better than the original Naked color. 

NYX liquid suede in the color Vintage is one of my favorite dark colored lipsticks. I love this one because not only is it a liquid lipstick but it’s a darker maroon red. The color is beautiful and perfect for any time you want to wear it. This isn’t one of those that is just for fall. 

NYX liquid lingerie in the color push up is a drop dead gorgeous color. The formula on these are seriously the I literally wore them to Disneyland a whole day and never re applied. This color is so subtle get a stand out nude for a daily basis. 

Colourpop Ultra Matte lippie in Lumiere 2 has been a staple in my collection. I would have never pictured myself wearing a color like this until I put it on and fell in love. When I put it on, it didn’t dry out my lips and it was the perfect liquid lipstick. I’m so in love with this color. 

-Of course I fell in love with its younger sister Colourpop Lumiere lippie stix. This one is probably my top favorite out of all these lippies. I can wear this with anything, even just mascara and not overwhelm my face. I find myself reaching for this constantly. 

-Lastly is Colourpop Ultra Satin Spritz from the Colourpop in bloom collection. This I’ve already almost used half of. I barely noticed and I was so surprised. I do find myself reaching for this a lot too because it’s just that gorgeous pink for spring. 

I hope you all enjoyed that post! Thanks for reading 🙂 



Colourpop Haul

So I went on Colourpop, after the crazy sale. In my mind the sale was just nuts and not worth it. I just used my $5 off coupon and went on my merry way. So later on I ended up going and buying a bunch of stuff I had been wanting for a long time. I spoiled myself just a tad. 

The single shadows I bought were all from their spring/summer collection that I have mentioned in previous posts. And lemme tell you guys I’m LOVING the colors of these shadows. The consistency of these are so amazing just like everyone says. Like butter… but when you rub it on it becomes a powdery formula, I love that. The colors are beautiful with one swipe but they are very build able. 
So, I bought all the shadows from the Colourpop In Bloom line. 



-Belladonna Lily


-Wattles (I just can’t with this one either. I can’t.)

Next on to the collection I bought, Jaime Kings #Alchemy collection. This is even more beautiful in person than I thought it would be. The colors are fantastic and they knocked it out of the park. Go Colourpop!
Colors in the collection:

-Pretty Bonnes (highlight)

-The Golden Child (highlight)

-Thames (blush)

-Alchemy (eyeshadow)

-Vanity fair (eyeshadow)

-Knight (eyeshadow)

I also tried my first Gel Pot eyeliners and guys, I’m impressed. The color payoff is ah-mazing. They are beautiful and I would buy more colors honestly. They are that amazing, and for the price, you can’t beat it. 

I bought:

-Descanso (In Bloom)

-Teaspoon (In Bloom)

-Timber (Grey)

As always I bought a massive amount of lippies because I go overboard with the ones I love. There’s literally nothing bad to be said about their lippies. Nothing. They have great payoff and their formula is not drying. It makes my lips feel awesome. 

-Crumpet-Creme (In bloom)

-Croquet-Sheer (In bloom)

-Hype Girl-matte (In bloom)


-Panda-Ultra Satin

-Lyin’ King-Ultra Satin



Colourpop mini haul #1

So as I mentioned I picked up a Colourpop haul. This small amount wasn’t part of the haul but still new. I called it a mini haul because the other one, it’s a haul if ya know what I mean. 

I love these colors that I got and the only one I already owned was Lumiere 2. I bought that one again because I just love it so so much. I use Lumiere 2 so much already. 

Left to Right: Piggybank gel liner, Lumiere 2, Avenue, Bumble, Botanical 

I love all these colors. So glad I’ve gone crazy with them and bought so much from Colourpop because they keep surprising me 🙂

XOXO, Ashley

Rimmel Stay matte foundation review 

Honest review!! 

So I have gotten to try Rimmel’s Stay matte foundation for enough of a period to be able to review it since buying it from my local rite aid. 

Note: I have super oily skin and it can be acne prone. 

I thought this product was going to be a short lasting one but I was wrong. It didn’t make me oily.

This foundation lasted from 2PM-11PM AT LEAST. With no shine. I just took it off, 12:30, and had very little shine on my t-zone. That’s pretty amazing for a drugstore foundation. 

It stayed matte on me all day. No primer. I did set it with Estée Lauder powder after applying the foundation. I applied it with my fingers and rubbed it out gently. 

This also came off very smoothly with Garnier micellar water and cotton pads. 

Overall, I would recommend this product and repurchase this product over again. It’s a great matte product for oily skin and the price is unbeatable!

Best liquid lipstick dupes

These are some of the best liquid MATTE lippie dupes, I haven’t used some of them personally (yet!) These dupes are for MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, and more. I’ve found that liquid lipstick is one of my favorite types of lipsticks, you can’t go wrong! They just get so expensive when you buy these brands and so I did some research on some of my favorite colors, here’s what I found:

•Colourpop clueless {SHADES: nudes, pinks}
(Stila patina dupe)

•Colourpop tulle {SHADES: dusty mauve burgundy/ darks, nudes, reds}
(Stila Amore dupe)

•Colourpop bad habit {SHADES: dusty mauve pink/nudes, pinks}
(Stila Aria dupe)

•Colourpop trap {SHADES: dusty greyed out beige/nudes}
(Stila Baci dupe/Dose of Colors Stone dupe)

•Colourpop midi {SHADES: soft natural beige/nudes, pinks}
(Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood dupe)

•Colourpop Avenue {SHADES: deep yellow red/darks, reds}
(ABH heathers dupe)

•Colourpop bumble {SHADES: dusty warm terracotta/ nudes, oranges and corals}
(Kat Von D double dare dupe)

•Colourpop StingRaye {SHADES: cool toned mauve brown/ darks and nudes}
(ABH Veronica and Jeffree star Androgyny dupe)

•Colourpop 1st base {SHADES: mid tone true pink}
(ABH blush dupe)

•Colourpop Zipper {SHADES: deep blackened purple/darks, violets}
(ABH vintage and dose of colors berry me dupe)

•NYX tea and cookies
(ABH lovely and Dose of colors Stone dupe)

•NYX Vintage
(ABH trust issues dupe)

•Colourpop more better {SHADES: deep violet wine}
(ABH craft and Stila aria dupe)

•Colourpop lychee {SHADES: bright warm violet}
(Mac heroine dupe)

•Colourpop limbo {SHADES: deep chocolate brown/ darks nudes}
(Salem lime crime dupe)