Wedding Series- The Dress

Let’s face it, every girl dreams about what they will look like on their wedding day from a very young age. We all dream about looking like Cinderella meeting her Prince Charming. Ball gown and all.

Yes, I dreamed of this… until I got engaged.

When I got engaged, I took to Pinterest to look at dress inspiration… I had no idea about any of the million styles of wedding dresses offered. Pinterest overwhelmed me with dresses. I just kept thinking… “What am I going to wear?”

I showed up at the bridal shop and let the lady know that I wanted no bling, beads, and very little lace… other than that I had no idea what I wanted in a wedding dress.

We picked out three dresses… one was full lace with pockets (YES, POCKETS!), one simple mermaid style, and one that was flowy. I tried on the lace first and fell in love instantly. The other two didn’t even compare when I put them on. I just wanted to put the first dress back on.

I ended up buying the first dress I tried on.

After I had the dress in my possession, already paid for, I became worried for a few fitting issues. The hem was too long, the halter was too loose, and the dress was too big. I was worried certain issues couldn’t be fixed, let alone be fixed by early September for my wedding.

Today, I had my alterations appointment. The seamstress pinned the dress in all the right places… the dress is perfect. It looks like a whole new dress. It flatters my figure and makes me feel confident about my body.

I’m ready to walk down the isle now, September can’t come soon enough.

My advice to any bride just buying their dress, go with your heart. When you try on that “perfect” dress, you will know. I promise. Don’t let alterations scare you, I learned this myself. If that perfect dress is too big, opt for some alterations so it is fitted for your body. I know wedding dress shopping is scary, its also a beautiful experience. Sometimes you just need to conquer that fear. Follow your heart. 

Feel free to leave any questions below!




Wedding Series- Save the Dates

Welcome to part 3 of my wedding series! I’m so happy to be making these posts for you guys!

Today I’m going to be talking about my Save the Date cards.

My save the dates were actually postcards! I ordered them from, I got 96 for about $0.89 a piece. Yes I only have a 60 person wedding but I knew I had to send one to certain people who I know aren’t coming to the wedding… why you ask? Good question… I don’t think I have an answer.

When I got the postcards I was super happy with them but the back was blank besides a line through the middle like a normal postcard. Sadly I had no idea how to fill out a postcard… go ahead… call me stupid. I looked it up online then started filling them out.

Once I was ready to stamp them my mom informed me that postcards have specific stamps that are less money than normal stamps, I had no idea! When I bought the postcard stamps, coincidentally they were also beach themed!

After I sent them all out, I started to get compliments on my save the dates and people were telling me how cute the cards were.

What I learned: buying your save the dates and customizing them isn’t as hard as others talk about, filling out your save the dates can be easy if you just sit down and focus on them, postcards have cheaper stamps, HOW to actually fill out a postcard, and also the design of your save the date isn’t the most important.

The save the date design doesn’t matter so much to people, they won’t remember those postcards they received in the mail 6 months before your wedding. In my opinion, what matters is your invitations. That’s what a person will remember if they even remember that at all. So if you have a budget spend less on save the dates and more on invites.

Thanks for reading! See you with my next wedding series!



Wedding Series- The Disneymoon

Hello loves! Part 2 of my wedding series is going to be my Disney World/Honeymoon planning post.

Let me tell you out of all the planning I have been doing for everything in my wedding, this has probably been the hardest/most time consuming out of it all.

Let’s start off with how the place was chosen…

My fiancé and I planned on going road trip style, down the beach to Disneyland to stay a few days.

Well my soon to be mother in law called us and said “why don’t you two go to Florida to Disney World?” We had told her that was too expensive for us and that’s why we were doing something closer to home. She said no no… find a hotel and get the best room and stay for a week, I’m going to do this for you guys, it’s your wedding.

Yes. I was in shock.

So we looked and looked, it was kind of difficult because we hadn’t been to Disney World before so we had to go by pictures/distances from parks/recommendations from cast members.

We finally decided on Hotel Contemporary, this hotel is pretty great, the monorail runs right through the hotel! We have a Theme Park view room so if we’d like we can see fireworks/etc.

As a Disneyland AP holder I haven’t had any experience in half the things you have to do for Disney World, example making dining reservations 6 months in advance!

Yeah that was an experience… one of the hard things was we had never eaten at any of these places before so we had no idea if they were good or not but I can’t imagine anything being bad in Disney World. Another difficult thing was that a few things I wanted, the reservations were filled by the time I even got on! Yeah that was nuts!

But, this is our honeymoon… I’m going to go with the flow and everything is going to be amazing because I will have my Hubby with me!

My soon to be hubby is so easy going, he’s just letting me set up plans and just going with the flow and all he has to do is show up!

Let’s just say our Disneymoon is going to be perfect no matter how we spend it, no matter what the Florida weather chooses to be… because I’ll have my Husband by my side!



Wedding Series- The Venue

Why helllo lovelies!

It’s been awhile since I have had the chance to sit down and actually write a blog post but I’m back!

As many of you know, I’m getting married soon- September actually… so I decided to kind of start a “wedding” series. Hopefully you all enjoy my wedding series and maybe it can help you out even at some point planning your own wedding.

The first thing we did was of course find my venue, all I knew was I wanted to be married on the beach and when I say on the beach I mean toes in the sand. Conveniently the only venue that did weddings on the beach was the hotel my family stays at every time we visit the beach.

As we were checking out from our vacation my mom and I mentioned having a wedding there and they gave us a information folder with all the information we would ever need to know about having a wedding at their hotel. As I looked through the packet I knew I wanted to be married there- my mom knew that was the place also.

We did some thinking and looking at numbers, when we settled on a date we called the Wedding Coordinator and booked the venue for September 16.

The venue included the upstairs restaurant for the reception and neither of us had seen the room so we scheduled a meeting time and made a meeting time to view the room where our reception would be held.

Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about beautiful, there’s a cute little room off to the side with hardwood floors and that’s where the DJ and the dance floor are during the reception. We are also given use of the outside deck which faces the ocean… major heart eyes guys.

My wedding is a Sunday afternoon wedding, 11-4, perfect sunlight pictures and hopefully perfect weather.

As of right now, I’m leaning to only serve mimosas and beer no hard liquor… it’s early and I want my wedding to be classy as possible… don’t get me wrong, if you serve alcohol at your wedding more power to you! It’s just a decision I’m going to have to really think about.

Along with the venue comes with the colors- linens, flowers, cake etc. As of now I’m thinking blue jean blue, burlap brown, peachy pink, and like a leafy green. More natural colors.

The linens have been a hard decision for me but I think I have finally picked which color out of those I want to use, buuutttt you’ll have to wait and see what I choose closer to the date!

The wedding coordinator has made the venue much easier. She will take my decor the night before and put it all up for me and get my whole wedding ready for me and all I have to do is show up to my wedding. That’s another selling point of my venue.

Along with my venue, on our anniversary every year we get a free nights stay at the hotel, free of charge just because we got married at the venue. Yes I’m serious- a free nights stay at the beach… I’ll take it!

Well, that’s my “Venue” post… hopefully you all enjoyed it and maybe it helped you out! If you have any questions feel free to leave them below!



Holidays 2017

Good afternoon lovelies!

This year holidays were different to me, not because we did anything different- it was the feeling. I mean yes my family spent Thanksgiving in Disneyland but that didn’t change much for me.

My mom decided to book a trip down to Disneyland to celebrate Thanksgiving to have some much needed family time. We stayed in a hotel that looked like a house, it had a full kitchenette and even an upstairs. How did we spend our Thanksgiving meal you may ask?

One evening we had gotten back from the park and we were just relaxing, we had talked about doing Medieval times but decided against it. One of the hotel workers recommended a place where you eat your thanksgiving meal and you watch this Pirate show. This show was SO impressive! I would choose to go again because I was so impressed. This topped off our whole trip.

Moving on to Christmas… This year Christmastime felt so different to me. I felt so in the Christmas spirit. I don’t think it was because I watched Hallmark movies all month but who knows- just kidding! It felt so good to be with family and be surrounded by the people I love through the whole season. This year I planned everywhere my fiance and I had to go (family wise) so I felt so much less stress this year.

This year it wasn’t about the gifts given, it was nice of them to give but that was the last thing I cared about. This year it was about being surrounded by the ones I love.  It was also my last Christmas before I get married next September, time flies.

Overall my Holidays were pretty darn great.

How were your holidays?



Why I Chose to Have a Wedding Coordinator…

Like I said in my last post (it’s been awhile I know!) I’m getting married September 16, 2018. We are getting married on the beach then moving into the hotel restaurant for the reception. 

What does my Wedding Coordinator do?

My Wedding Coordinator takes care of most of my wedding honestly. When we first secured the venue she sent me the list of vendors that I will be using (cake, flowers, DJ…) which all come in the price of my wedding. 

When the wedding gets closer she will help me get in contact with these vendors and make sure I have all my ducks in a row. 

For the ceremony, they set out all the chairs in white or brown (my choosing). Also, the arch which will be covered in flowers and greenery. 

On the wedding day, I hand her any decorations that I would like set up in the venue and they place them out for me. They also decorate with linens in the colors of my choosing. Of course they help get the cake set up and placed on the table with our cake server and cutting set that we have purchased. 

In other words… once my hairstylist and my makeup artist are finished and I get my dress on, all I have to do is show up to my beautiful wedding. Completely anxiety and worry free! 

Are you getting married? Would you use a Wedding Coordinator? Let me know in the comments below!